Sunday, 1 December 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoos - US v. UK versions

I absolutely adore Maybelline's Color Tattoos; I currently have 30 (almost all that Maybelline have made so far!) Now this post isn't going to be a review of the Color Tattoos but a comparative list of the US v. UK versions.

I can't understand why companies give the same product different names in different countries, it make it so easy for someone to end up with 2 identical items because they have different names. I have created this list in the hopes that it helps to identify the products that are essentially the same and prevent us from ending up with two!

This is currently complete, though that of course will change as Maybelline bring out future Color Tattoos. It is my aim to update the list as new releases are brought out.

Now, on to the list!

Those in italics are Limited Edition.

US VersionUK Version
Audacious AsphaltImmortal Charcoal
Bad to the BronzeOn and On Bronze
Bold GoldEternal Gold
Edgy Emerald
Fierce & Tangy
Painted PurpleEndless Purple
Pomegranate PunkMetallic Pomegranate
Tenacious TealTurquoise Forever
Too CoolInfinite White
Tough as TaupePermanent Taupe
Barely Beige (Summer 2012)
Mossy Green (Summer 2012)
Rich Mahogany (Summer 2012)
Gold Shimmer (Summer 2012)
Test My Teal (Summer 2012)
Fuchsia Fever (Summer 2012)
Blue On By (Summer 2012)
Ready, Set, Green (Summer 2012)
Inked in PinkPink Gold
Silver StrikeEternal Silver
Barely Branded
Gold Rush25k Gold
Electric BlueEverlasting Navy

Timeless Black

Light in Purple
Cool Crush (Summer 2013)
Rereleased as Sunwashed Sky (Summer 2014)

Sandy Shores (Summer 2013)
Icy Mint (Summer 2013)
Precious Pearl (Summer 2013)
Lavish Lavender (Summer 2013)
Seashore Frosts (Summer 2013)
Rereleased as Shimmering Sea (Summer 2014) 

Blue Paradise (Summer 2013)
Waves of White (Summer 2013)
Matte Brown (Fall 2013)
Nude Pink (Fall 2013)
Just Beige (Fall 2013)
Beige-ing Beauty (Spring 2014)
Sleek & Spice (Spring 2014)
Caramel Cool (Spring 2014)
Nude Compliment (Spring 2014)
Pure Nude (Spring 2014)
Stroke of Midnight (Spring 2014)
Creamy BeigeCreamy Beige
Dramatic Black
Vintage PlumVintage Plum
Chocolate Suede
Deep Forest
Petunia Punk (Spring 2015)
Hibiscus Heartbreak (Spring 2015)
Black Orchid (Spring 2015)
Hydrangea Hype (Spring 2015)
Rose Riot (Spring 2015)


  1. thank you so much for making this! It's really helpful!

  2. I've seen some reviews and pictures that make Eternal Gold (UK) and Bold Gold (US) look like different colors. Have you swatched all of these side-by-side? I'd love to see someone do a detailed post with side-by-side swatches to set the debate to rest.

    I don't see Infinite White on your list. Has that one been discontinued in the UK?

    1. I have the US version Bold Gold but have never actually swatched it side by side with the UK version - I've no reason (other than comparison) to potentially buy two of the same thing especially as we have no return policy over here in the UK.

      However, upon my travels I will try and swatch the UK versions in store to compare to the US versions that I have at home.

      Infinite White is one that I must have overlooked when updating the list. I believe it is the UK version of the US's Too Cool.

  3. I don't know if you would be interested, but I've been looking for someone in the UK that would be willing to do a Maybelline Color Tattoo exchange. If you're looking for some of the US shades, let me know.

    1. I have all of the US shades that have been made so unfortunately that isn't something I'd be interested in.