Sunday, 20 January 2013

Scaredy Cat Swatches

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics are found on Etsy and they offer samples of their shades in tiny little vials which are awesome. I purchased 10 vials for $10 dollars, plus $5 international shipping. ($3 shipping for US, and $3.50 for Canada).

The vials are lovely and so original. The vials come in baggies with a label stating the name and listing the ingredients. My only criticism of the vials is that they are not labelled with the shade. I solved this problem by cutting out the name from the label and sticking it on each vial. Not completely aesthetically pleasing but it does the job.

They are great quality with a good choice of shades; however I do feel that they run a little sheer. They would perhaps perform better wet or over a sticky base like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.

L-R Unicorn Breath, Metamorphosis, Keltoi, Dee's Nuts, Tudor
Unicorn Breath: 'etherial, silvery and soft'.
Metamorphosis: 'a soft pale pink... sheer sparkling sheen that shift from pink to violet to blue.'
Keltoi: 'metallic green-gold'.
Dee's Nuts: 'rich earthy brown with a beautiful golden shimmer'.
Tudor: 'deep sooty grey with a regal violet sheen'.

L-R Arctic Royale, Hedgerow, Smooze, Chakra, Nevermore

Arctic Royale: 'silver-grey with a violet sheen'
Hedgerow: 'shifts between violet and teal'
Smooze: 'vibrant vicious violet'
Chakra: 'Deep violet-blue with lots of blue sparks'
Nevermore: 'deep blue-black with flecks of blue sparkle'

I really like these despite their sheerness; I do think that a wet or sticky base will make them truly shine. The little vials are a huge selling point for me and definitely make Scaredy Cat hard to say no to.

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