Friday, 1 February 2013

My Pretty Zombie

I've been looking at My Pretty Zombie on Etsy for a while. I ordered 6 samples to try; they came in baggies and cost a total of $6 (minus shipping). A set of three samples costs $3. Full sizes of each shadow are $5; this is for a 5 gram jar without a sifter and an approximate product weight of 1.5g.

There are some interesting, but slightly morbid, names like Rabid Weasel, Kidney Punch and Rabies. I narrowed down my choices to Law Firm Lamb Cake, Wicked Crochet, Gangrenous, Mad Cow, Hoof and Mouth, and Anthrax; the last three being part of the Husbandry Affliction collection.
The samples came inside a cute card along with a business card.

Each sample bag has a sticker with the name and ingredients. You also get a fair amount of product in each bag- enough for a good few uses to get a feel for the product.

Law Firm Lamb Cake: 'a pink shimmer base and enough pastel multi colored glitter to make you puke!'

Wicked Crochet: 'dusty lavender with enough green glitter to make you puke!'
Gangrenous: 'starts as a dark lavender and switches to a glossy green depending on the light and the angle'.

Mad Cow: 'a mid tone purple with a blue shift'.
Hoof and Mouth: 'blue to purple with a pink and silver shift'.

Anthrax: 'purple to green with a gold to red shift'.

These are some absolutely lovely colours in this set, however, Law Firm Lamb Cake and Wicked Crochet are not quite up to the mark of the other four- they don't seem to adhere as well to the skin.  Law Firm Lamb Cake is also rather gritty, perhaps because of the glitter content- but it shows great promise and used with a sticky base could make it work well.

All in all- faves are: Anthrax, Gangrenous and Mad Cow.

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